Launch of The Arts Games 2018

Launch of The Arts Games 2018

The International Art Dance Organisation will be at the Olympic Games, currently being held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to launch the newly established Art Games. The IDO is been represented by its President, Michael Wendt and the IDO Lifetime Honorary President Bill Fowler.

The Arts Games is proud to be an independent organization and has a mutually supportive relationship with the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The Arts Games shares with the Olympic movement the idea of Olympism, a philosophy of life which places arts at the service of humanity. The IDO recently signed a contract with the Art Games Committee (IAC), where Michael Wendt has been appointed the Arts Dance Commissioner. The Art Games will be held in Montreal, Canada from the 12th to 21st January 2018.

The IDO is very excited in preparing to launch the Art Games at the Rio Press Media Centre at the Olympic Games. The IDO will be exclusively responsible for the dance division at the Art Games, where the IDO, under its contractual obligations will ensure to be the supplier for dance excellence from around the world. At the press conference, Michael Wendt will be making a presentation on the Art Games dance auditions and competition and the IDO representatives will be available to answer any questions to invited guests and world-wide media from the IOC.

IDO President and Arts Games Dance Commissioner, Michael Wendt said: The Arts Games focuses on celebrating Culture and the Arts and will provide a global platform to demonstrate the excellence that exists in all cultures. We want to bring people together in a manner that inspires dignity and respect for each other?s cultures. The spirit of Olympism is about constantly striving to better one?s own best work, thereby challenging other artists and the world to achieve ever greater successes. The opportunity of being part of the Art Games will bring the IDO into the forefront of the world of sport. We are delighted to be able to be part of such a prestigious event and associated with the IOC.

The Art Games will be launched at the Press Conference to be held on Thursday 11th August 2016 at 10am in Brazil (-3GMT) that is approximately at 3pm Central European time. The Arts Games Rio Global Launch can be viewed at

For further information on the Art Games please visit: For the Arts Games promotional video please view:

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